Are You Private by Design?

Safeguard Your Organization with Managed Privacy Canada’s Privacy By Design Approach

Reinforcing Cyber Resilience Through Privacy Controls

With evolving cyber threats, it has become crucial to integrate robust privacy measures into your organization’s infrastructure.

Managed Privacy Canada’s Privacy By Design approach brings proactive and preventive privacy measures into the limelight. Our focus is on enabling consumers to enforce their privacy rights, identifying their privacy preferences, and designing user-friendly interfaces with privacy in mind.

Centralized Platform for Privacy Management and Planning

Here’s how we stand out:

  • Centralized Platform for Privacy Management and Planning
  • User-friendly Interface with Privacy in Mind
  • Empowering Your Organization with Privacy Knowledge
  • Proactive Breach Management
  • Privacy Controls Integration
  • Rigorous Privacy Risk Management
  • Timely Response and Effective Communication

Our privacy controls extend to the retirement and end-of-use of the system, product, or service, ensuring that privacy protection is maintained throughout the lifecycle.

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Privacy by Design: A Proactive Approach to Data Protection

Privacy by Design is a forward-thinking approach to ensuring privacy and data protection in systems, products, or services right from the inception. It’s not about responding to privacy breaches, but about proactively integrating privacy controls into the design and operation to prevent them.

Embracing Privacy by Design means that your organization puts privacy at the forefront, prioritizing the rights of consumers, and enabling them to enforce these rights.

Our system effectively assigns and enforces relevant roles and authorities, helping your organization establish a multidisciplinary responsibility spanning across multiple data protection roles. This inter-departmental interface ensures efficient and comprehensive privacy management.

We believe in cultivating privacy knowledge, skills, and abilities across your organization. Our system includes documented information management to keep employees, developers, users, and auditors up-to-date on privacy protection strategies and changing standards and legislation.

Through our privacy by design approach, we conduct detailed privacy risk assessments, monitor, and update them annually. We also ensure that your organization documents privacy risks in cybersecurity resilience design.

We strive for clear, simple, and accessible provision of privacy information. Our user interface is designed to ensure user knowledge of privacy controls, aligning our operations with user privacy requirements.

Our privacy practices ensure a quick response to consumer inquiries and complaints. We also maintain transparency, with our policies, privacy notices, and disclosures naming accountable roles or people responsible for providing privacy information.

We integrate privacy controls into the development and management lifecycles of your systems, products, or services. We manage these controls’ operation directly, with processes in place for the transition of privacy controls across systems.